At DreamWorks, we love bringing new artists and engineers into our company! We’ve always been about embracing fresh ideas, energy, and enthusiasm, and who better to help us do that than recent college grads? Seriously, who else is going to dream up the next big green hero who passes gas or the next rollie pollie bear that does kung fu?

These days, students are more ready than ever to jump into a real production environment right out of school. Many of the talented young members of our creative family will quickly land leading roles in our cast of characters. Others will even become stars of the animation industry. So, we’re working hard to ensure they succeed in their jobs once they arrive.

To this end, we use every superpower at our disposal to scour the globe for Art/Illustration, Design, Character Animation, Computer Graphics, and Media Studies university graduates. It’s with our mentoring and instructional programs that we are then able to identify and prepare aspiring Dreamworkers for potential entry-level positions within our studio upon graduation.

Want to explore the cool, creative waters at DreamWorks Animation? Get on board an internship! To qualify you must still be enrolled in a college or university program and working towards a bachelors or graduate degree. We offer internships in all areas, including overhead departments, production and technology. View our open internships

Get ready to feel the thunda! Varying from year to year, open positions are available in all major feature and television divisions such as:

•        art and visual development
•        matte painting
•        story
•        pre-vis/layout
•        character animation, modeling and rigging
•        character and standard FX
•        crowds
•        surfacing and lighting
•        technical directors
•        software developers
For a full list of all entry-level positions currently offered, see Jobs.

Our University Relations Program enjoys strong partnerships with key university programs in art, animation, digital media studies, and computer science, with an emphasis on computer graphics. We work with a wide range of schools in California — as well as nationally and overseas — to identify which students could be potential DreamWorks Animation employees. But it takes more than talent to become a master of animation kung fu!

Who We’re Looking For

We want students prepared for awesomeness. Whatever your area of study, you must have learned the foundational skills to launch a career in that discipline. Although our artists work digitally, many are trained as traditional artists. Even the artists who design the sets and environments for our movies have formal training in drawing and painting.

Graduates must be dedicated, resourceful, excellent communicators, strong problem solvers, and team players. The innovators and creative thinkers at our studio are also not afraid to be unique. In fact, we’re all characters around here — both on screen and off!

Here’s a short list of schools (U.S. and Canada only) that offer relevant courses and degree programs in the visual or technical areas that focus on one or more aspects of our industry. Check out the schools to find which program best suits your interests and strengths.

This list is by no means complete and we don’t necessarily endorse any of these institutions or their programs. However, it’s a good start for anyone interested in a computer animation or visual FX career. Also remember that this field continues to grow, mature and change faster than Mr. Peabody can say, “We must rewrite history in order to save the universe!”

University Relations

At DreamWorks, we love bringing new artists and engineers into our company! We’ve always been about embracing fresh ideas, energy, and enthusiasm, and who better to help us do that than recent college grads? Seriously, you’ll never catch us waving a cane and yelling, “Get off my lawn!” Heck, we want you to play on our lawn!

DreamWorks Studio is coming to Siggraph Vancouver, 2018. Come to check out our papers, talks, and Bird of a Feather session. Look forward to seeing you there!
Company Overview

DreamWorks Animation creates high-quality entertainment, including CG animated feature films, television specials and series and live entertainment properties, meant for audiences around the world. The Company has world-class creative talent, a strong and experienced management team and advanced filmmaking technology and techniques.

Giving Back

TIME CAN BE THE HARDEST GIFT TO GIVE. We all have busy schedules and spare hours are often in short supply. Yet DreamWorks Animation employees give thousands of hours each year to those in need, participating in both our company-wide efforts and a myriad of external organizations. We share our time and talents to make our communities better, more vibrant, more compassionate places to live.


If you are interested in joining DreamWorks Animation and discovering more about our different career resources, we encourage you to explore our website and learn more!

Our Culture

At the heart of DreamWorks Animation is the desire to tell great stories and inspire audiences. Our company culture not only encourages employees to create but also to innovate and, ultimately, to have fun!