At the heart of DreamWorks Animation is the desire to tell great stories that inspire audiences to dream and laugh together, pushing the boundaries of both creativity and technology. To do this effectively, DreamWorks is dedicated to providing the best work environment possible for the company’s artists, engineers and everyone in between, so that they enjoy creating their work just as much as audiences enjoy watching it.


To keep the company’s employees inspired, curious and always learning, DreamWorks offers education programs that help DreamWorkers develop existing skills and learn new ones. Artistic Development classes and workshops include figure drawing, storytelling, sculpture, improv and more. Training classes include instruction in our propriety software, third party software and workflow. Classes are frequently taught by DreamWorkers themselves. Industry experts are also invited to speak to DreamWorkers about a variety of film and technology subjects ranging from cinematography and visual effects to physics and rocket science!


Every year, DreamWorkers look forward to participating in special events such as the annual poker tournament, DreamCon - the studios own homegrown employee art festival, weekly movie screenings release day parties and the Holiday Bazaar. The company also supports a diverse group of employee interests on campus, including the DreamWorks Triathlon Team, the chocolate and wine tasting club, as well as an a capella group. The company’s culture of creativity is further fueled by departmental milestone parties, special food trucks, and mid-day ice cream breaks. (Donkey keeps pushing for mid-day waffle breaks, but the studio isn’t quite there yet…)


DreamWorks offers a number of health programs and initiatives aimed at making sure our employees stay healthy including free annual health screenings and flu shots, an on-campus doctor, weight management and smoking cessation programs, as well as an on-campus nutritionist. Employees are also provided with free breakfast and lunch every day, in addition to weekly fitness classes to help stay energized and fit.


The DreamWorks campus was specifically designed to provide an unparalleled working environment, with water fountains, koi ponds, walking paths, and some would say most importantly, ping pong tables, to inspire DreamWorkers to enjoy, innovate, and create.

Company Overview

DreamWorks Animation creates high-quality entertainment, including CG animated feature films, television specials and series and live entertainment properties, meant for audiences around the world. The Company has world-class creative talent, a strong and experienced management team and advanced filmmaking technology and techniques.

Giving Back

TIME CAN BE THE HARDEST GIFT TO GIVE. We all have busy schedules and spare hours are often in short supply. Yet DreamWorks Animation employees give thousands of hours each year to those in need, participating in both our company-wide efforts and a myriad of external organizations. We share our time and talents to make our communities better, more vibrant, more compassionate places to live.


If you are interested in joining DreamWorks Animation and discovering more about our different career resources, we encourage you to explore our website and learn more!

Our Culture

At the heart of DreamWorks Animation is the desire to tell great stories and inspire audiences. Our company culture not only encourages employees to create but also to innovate and, ultimately, to have fun!