Postman Pat Special Delivery Service

The World’s Favourite Postman is back and delivering more than ever with the series, Postman Pat Special Delivery Service. In this high energy, action packed show, it’s Postman Pat as you have never seen him before! He’s been promoted to the post of “Head of Special Delivery Service” Each episode follows Postman Pat on a Special Delivery Mission. Equipped with his pilots license and a host of new transport options Pat proves no job is too big! Delivering in hard to reach places, from the top of a mountain to the middle of the sea anything from a giant ice block to a runaway cow! Pat’s new daredevil character proves he can delivery anything, anytime, anywhere.

© 2017 Woodland Animations Ltd, a DreamWorks Animation Company. Original writer John Cunliffe. Royal Mail and Post Office imagery is used by kind permission of Royal Mail Plc. All rights reserved.

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Postman Pat Special Delivery Service App
Help Postman Pat and Jess, the black and white cat make their deliveries in this fun App available now!